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Breast Support

Post-Surgical Bras to Facilitate Healing

Following breast surgery, it's crucial to compress the affected area to facilitate healing and to ensure that the skin conforms properly to its new contours. Image4You carries a large assortment of post-surgical bras made with cutting-edge technology to give you the right fit for your recovery stage. The right compression bra will offer the perfect amount of pressure without causing discomfort. We only carry items that are high in quality, comfortable and effective, so you can shop our selection with complete confidence.

Comfortable Compression Bras

Our post-breast surgery bras come from some of the leading names in surgical compression wear. It's natural to be concerned about the feasibility of wearing a post-surgical bra, but you can relax. Our post-surgery bras couldn't be more comfortable. You won't even realize you're wearing one after a few minutes. When you see how well the area heals, you'll be glad you made the purchase. Shop our lineup now to find the perfect style for you.