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5/24/22 This item is great quality and is as described.
2/5/22 Love this garment. Helped after surgery..!!! Order bigger than you need.

I return to this company again and again because of their stellar customer service and how attentive they are to details. Wearing compression garments after surgery is never fun, but they make the experience pleasant and easy. 6/10/21 What a fantastic experience! I am so impressed with this company and their attention to detail and customer service. I had messed up the order on my end and they helped me correct it and get me what I actually needed. I will absolutely work with them again and appreciate their kindness and patience! Highly recommend them for all of your recovery ware needs! I am going to be a repeat customer. Oct 16, 2020 5:22 PM
I just received the product that you sent me a week after I told you that I my order was starting to have small rips and holes in them! This is amazing because I honestly thought I’d never get a pair sent to me or that you’d advice that I have to pay for it. I am truly impressed and happy about this. Can’t wait to tell everyone! Thank you so much. A very satisfied customer.

Carolina A. December 2017
Thank you so much, I had a tummy tuck and lipo 360, 8 months ago. When I left the hospital the doctor gave me a medium size griddle . I love it! I have been looking for a replacement because now it is too big on me . I recently order a this new garment size small and a love it! Just what I was looking for. I will be ordering 2 more soon to have as spare.... Thank you so much, I love this product!!?!! Style SFBHS2

Michelle March 2014

I purchased item #FBRS2 that's the 2nd stage girdle with suspenders, reinforced abdominal panel, & thigh length legs on 3/3/14 and it was delivered to my home the next day! This is my favorite compression garment ever! It's perfect garment after I had liposuction on my abdomen, flanks, & inner thighs. I even ordered a 2nd garment in black. It's worth every penny I paid for it! The material is soft and breathable. I could not find this item anywhere but on image4youtoday. Thank you so much for providing great products & great service!

Cassandra February 2014

Several months ago I bought one of these bodysuits from your company. It is the BEST thing I have ever put on my body. It is so comfortable and supportive. I wear it every day except for washing it once a week. The size large is perfect for my body shape. Thanks for selling such a great product!

October 2013
As an avid gardener and grower of landscape plants, I occasionally throw out my back or upper arm lifting heavy pots. I already own one of your vests (I am wearing it as I write). I am looking forward to trying the all-in-one style FTRA-SM for added abdominal support. Your products are everything you say they are -- absolutely wonderful!


July 2012

Wearing the compression garment after my liposuction surgery was the most important part of my recovery. It helped ease the pain, kept the swelling down, and I had very little bruising. I can’t stress enough how wearing Marena’s compression garment helped me through the recovery process. Afterwards, I purchased the 9 inch split binder and wore it to bed. I am so happy with the results! Thank you Marena . The activewear is great too!!

This cami has so many features it's like a car!

The Marena Everyday Cami promises to improve power and performance (with constant compression that promotes blood flow), slims you down ("engineered to provide the perfect balance of power and stretch...with unprecedented slimming power and wearing comfort"), enhances skin tone (medical grade compression improves lymphatic drainage, smoothing the skin and reducing cellulite), keeps you cool and dry and (our fave!) kills bacteria.

But we just love that it smoothes the tummy, love handles and back and will make you look skinny minny! Vroom vroom!

~ The Daily Muse

LeAnne D.

on 09/11/2009

The lipo is a bit traumatic, then trying to figure out what is the best garment is too. My doctor didn't offer a lot of help, but did direct me to because he knows Marena will deliver and his job is lipo - not fitting garments. They know their product line and know how to deliver excellent customer service. Your company is top with customer service. Thank you!

Cecilia P.

on 08/24/2009

Your services and representatives are wonderful,very efficient. Keep the good training and spirit

I LOVE YOU !!!! this body suit feels SOOOOOO much better than the one sent home with me by the hospital last week and another one my doctor gave me!!! i will sleep soooo much better tonight! thank you !!! I will tell my doc to tell all of his patients to bring this to the hospital with them and be put in it before they leave.

by tiffany on 09/03/2010

Your customer service is second to none!!!! Patient.....thorough.....curteous!

The garments are wonderful......I plan to buy the workout garments next.

I'm hooked!

Excellent service and products. One of my surgeon's recently new to our practice told me that he is so impressed with your garments for compression.

by Dixie R. McRae on 06/26/2009

This bra is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn. I have been fighting with bras since I was 14 and wore a DD overnight! I have indentations in my shoulders and have had achy shoulders as long as I can remember...I am always pulling my bra down in the back because it rises up from the weight of my chest...I have fought with bras cutting my breasts in half giving me the four breasts look...This Marena bra has taken care of those problems! It stays put, it does not ride up, it covers my breasts, it is easy to launder, it does not feel like a is wide enough at the shoulders to not dig into is long enough to give be a balanced look...a friend of mine commented that my top looks like it is smoother....the fabric is wonderful and breathes while still supplying support and a lighter feeling. I have already told friends about this great company and excellent customer service and product! Thanks so much for making the "Perfect Bra"

Excellent product, I used it last year after my abdominoplasty, love the garment it makes the recovery a lot easier, the material is so comfortable and breaths well, 100% recommended. Allie

by Compression Girdle on 01/07/2009

Had a very good experience with my Marena bra. I wore it for about 6 weeks after surgery and it was very comfortable and was hidden underneath clothes. It provided me with good support and I even use it as a sports bra occasionally. It it not the most beautiful bra you'll ever where but it does it's job and I am very glad I bought it.

by Erin on 12/03/2008

I have ordered from your company twice now. The shipments have always arrived quickly and in good shape. I would highly recommend your company to others going through the plastic surgery experience!

by Renee Morris on 12/02/2008