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What are Garment Stages?

What are Garment Stages?

To maximize your comfort and create the ideal healing conditions, different garments are worn throughout the healing process. Stage 1 garments are worn up to 3 weeks post-op. They have hook-and-eye detail and or zipper closures for maximum control. Stage 2 garments are pull-on, without zippers and are worn 3-8 weeks post-op. They provide all-day comfort under your clothing as foundation wear to improve skin tone and fight cellulite. Stage 3 garments are worn 8+ weeks post-op and continue to shape the body in stylish shapewear and activewear.

We recommend purchasing 2 garments for each stage, one in black and one in beige, so when one is in the wash, the other garment is available.

Benefits of compression:
  • Significantly reducing Edema by compressing and flushing potentially harmful body fluids away from the skin.

  • Minimising bruising by compression on small blood vessels and capillaries.

  • Reducing the possible risk of infection as potentially harmful fluids are not allowed to accumulate.

  • Aiding general body contouring and skin retraction by firm compression of the skin during the healing process.

  • Improved comfort by compression provided support.

up to 3 weeks 3-8 weeks 8 + weeks
post-op post-op post-op

*The wear times are recommendations based on our experience with leading physicians and their teams. Times may vary based on physician preference.