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Specializing in High Quality Compression Garments




Image4you offers Marena's high quality compression garments (Stage 1, Stage 2, & Stage 3), that embody an entirely new textile technology better known as TriFlex Fabric Advantage. This scientific breakthrough is recognized by the textile engineering community to be the latest in “cutting edge” textile technology using state-of-the-art fibers, machinery and design. The TriFlex science is a patented revolutionary fabric breakthrough that is university tested and clinically proven to outlast and outperform the competition. They provide POWER/STRETCH like a second skin, SOFTNESS for all day comfort, DURABILITY that retains it shape, MOISTURE MANAGEMENT to keep you cool and dry, ACTIVE SILVER ANTI-MICROBIAL PROTECTION to keep you clean and fresh. They are FORMALDEHYDE FREE, SILICONE FREE and LATEX FREE. They have SUN PROTECTION UPF 50 rated. Made from Tactel Nylon and Soft Lycra, Marena’s TriFlex fabric is one of the only garments to be fully certified and evenly compresses the body, molding to every curve like a very soft, second skin. You have to see it and feel it to believe it!


Designed for comfort and ease of use immediately after surgery, Step 1 compression garments are easy to put on and provide comfortable support through extended wear. Step 1 garments include styles with hook-and-eye closures or zippers for adjustable fit and multiple coverage options with open or accessible crotches. Some garments can be used for both steps; look for the Step 1 tag in the product features. If unsure, ask your medical professional which one works best for your procedure. They provide support and comfort through extended wear, even during sleep. studies show medical-grade compression may:

- Help reduce swelling

- Help reduce bruising

- Improve the ability to sleep in comfort

- Provide ease of movement


To continue the healing process in the later stages of recovery, Stage 2 garments are suggested 3 to 8 weeks post-op. They are designed without zippers and are less visible under clothing. Made of Marena's proprietary TriFlex fabric consisting of Tactel nylon and soft lycra, they will keep you cool and dry with active silver anti-microbial protection. These garments will provide all-day comfort as foundationwear to improve skin tone and fight cellulite while providing the recommended compression and comfortable support for everyday wear.


Forget about constricting or binding your body, it's been through enough and deserves a little pampering. As your organs and abdominal muscles settle back into their pre-pregnancy positions, Marena's unique Post-Pregnancy Collection naturally contours the body and helps stimulate its response to healing. By combining comfort with function for daily use, Marena's post pregnancy garments instantly shape and smooth your waistline while supporting your abdominal muscles and keeping any c-section incisions protected. Marena's compression garments stay well-hidden underneath your clothing, providing you with an all-day solution to quickly and confidently reclaim your body and help improve the tautness and smoothness of your skin after natural or cesarean childbirth.


Work, Play, or Travel. Marena's Shapewear (STAGE 3, no zippers) garments feature seams sewn on the outside for comfort, easy to put on and wear, and stretch as you move. Wear what you love and feel amazing with Marena's compression body shapers. The premium branded fibers and high stretch content powerfully shape your body almost invisibly. Marena's compression shapewear helps improve posture, confidence, and even the way you walk, empowering you with all-over support. Marena Shapewear offers styles with features designed to always keep you comfortable.

Image4you also offers Marena's activewear for both men and women while exercising. These fashionable stage 3 exercise garments suggested for 8+ weeks post-op feature all day comfort with moisture management as well as having anti- microbial protection. It is the only activewear of medical grade compression made with Marena's proprietary TriFlex fabric. Wear for performance, strength and confidence while exercising. Our activewear will support you to improve endurance, reduce muscle soreness, maintain body temperature, and improve recovery.

IMPROVE ENDURANCE - Maintain power output during repeat efforts
REDUCE SORENESS - The compression applied significantly reduces muscle oscillation
DECREASE BLOOD LACTATE - Improved muscle pumping from compression garments decreases
lactate concentration post-exercise
ADD RESISTANCE - Compression provides external resistance to the actions of contracting musculature while
MAINTAIN BODY TEMPERATURE - Reduce the impact of hot and humid conditions on the body's thermoregulatory
REDUCE MUSCLE DAMAGE - Creatine kinase levels have been observed to be higher post-exercise with athletes
who used compression garments instead of passive recovery

Made in the USA, Marena ComfortWear is the preferred choice of 8 out of 10 patients, and more than 5000 medical professionals around the world. With our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee,we're sure it will be yours too!