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Heal Quickly with Compression Garments

Heal more quickly and effectively after surgery by shopping Image4You for high-quality compression garments! Our compression wear comes from today's most trusted brands using the most cutting edge science available, and we are committed to offering the most competitive prices. We also stock a huge assortment of body shapers that will make your confidence soar. Image4you is a proud supplier of Marena compression garments made in the USA as well as compression garments made by Belladeena in Brazil. Both lines are considered to be the best on the market today.

Get the Best Compression Wear

Post-surgical compression garments are designed to facilitate the healing process. Image4You carries compression garments that feel like a soft, second skin, so you never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable while you’re focusing on healing. These high-quality items deliver the perfect amount of compression, and they are so easy to use! With Image4You, you'll enjoy low prices and superior customer service every time.

Why Wear a Compression Garment?

Wearing a medical grade compression garment for several weeks post-op or postpartum is a crucial part in the after surgery healing process. The compression garment is designed to apply the exact needed amount of pressure to the surgical area. This takes the tension off of the wound thus stimulating the wound healing process.
Compression garments apply pressure to the swollen areas, improve draining of toxic fluids, and help the skin conform to its new contours. The pressure applied by these garments also stimulates blood circulation which is an important factor in healing. The compression garment reduces swelling and bruising and helps ease pain. The faster the wound heals, the less complications, such as infections or inflammation can occur and therefore the better the results will be.

Image4you offers Marena ComfortWeave® compression garments (Stage 1, Stage 2, & Stage 3) that embody an entirely new revolutionary textile technology better known as F7 science. This scientific breakthrough is recognized by the textile engineering community to be the latest in “cutting edge” textile technology using state-of-the-art fibers, machinery and design. F7 science is university tested and clinically proven to outlast and outperform the competition. It is a high performance fabric made from 50% Tactel Nylon and 50% Soft Lycra. Marena’s ComfortWeave® garments are the only garments to be fully F7 certified which evenly compress the body,molding to every curve like a very soft,second skin. Certified as the most comfortable, best performing textile fibers available, you have to see it and feel it to believe it!

F7 certified post surgical garments provide therapeutic compression invisibly to the neurophysiology of the wearer so that patients can tolerate high compression wear 24/7 for the entire multi-week prescription. They are formaldehyde-free, silicone-free and latex-free. (See “Product Info” for the F7 fabric science.)

Advantages of Marena F7 certified garments

  • Power/Stretch… Three dimensional compression ( not one or two like other garments) make this product superior in providing supportive but comfortable compression
  • Softness…Softness like knitted silk is assured through a blend of Soft Lycra and Tactel nylon. Feels like a second layer of skin
  • Durability… Lasts longer than any other stretch fabric. Garment retains its shape and performance after 60+ extreme washing cycles.
  • Moisture Management… Moisture management using Coolmax technology. Wicks the moisture out to keep you cool and dry.
  • Anti-Microbial… Inhibits the growth of bacteria and odor. Garments will smell clean and fresh all day long.
  • Sun Protection... UPF 50 rated
  • Irritant latex, no silicone, no formaldehyde

Marena Comfortwear garments are the only postoperative garments in the world with a combination of these critical stretch fabric related features.

Made in the USA, Marena ComfortWear is the preferred choice of 8 out of 10 patients, and more than 5000 medical professionals around the world. We're sure it will be yours too!


Image4 you also offers Belladeena Compression Garments that provide lasting quality and durability while offering healthy, natural care for your body. Made in Brazil, these compression undergarments are made with 90 percent polyamide and 10 percent spandex allowing your body to breathe while conforming perfectly to every angle with comfortable flexibility and supportive compression. Post surgical compression garments require support without discomfort, allowing the body to heal to the best result possible. Belladeena understands the benefits of compression garments and only offers the best products available. We carry a huge selection of post surgery garments from an abdominal binder for men, a tummy tuck compression garment, liposuction garments, and much more. These compression garments don’t absorb heat, so you’ll always feel comfortable and cool.


BellaDeena’s garments guarantee elegance while protecting and maintaining a healthy, beautiful body. The best compression suit is one that provides assurance and results. Our surgical support garments offer all the protection your body needs for healing and health. We sell only the highest quality products that will satisfy your body and ease your mind. Both men and women can experience these compression garment benefits. 


Marena Garments MADE IN USA

Certified Textile Science